Monday, July 30, 2012

Guru...In Progress

Originally, this post was entitled, "Redemption and Resurrection".  It was going to describe the healing process that began after the pain of my last post.  It was going to:

reveal regurgitation, regent rescue, restful respite, resilient renewal, replenished revival, regained rejuvenation, revenue realization, respectful reflection, resplendent responsibility, resurgence. 

Alas, this post was not to be for as these words swirled around in my head, I struggled with "how" to hasten healing hurt, harbor hope and hone happiness. Despite receiving honest refreshment from friends I still could not formulate the writing.  As I neared 30 days with thoughts held captive, floating around in my head,  another friend, gave me the most wonderful gift of all which helped me realize and remove my blockage.  She gave me these simple words:

"It is so easy to get caught up in raw gurus or individuals who may lead many in the raw industry because for the most part they are just incredible.  But when they fail, we get so very disappointed and even disillusioned with the movement.  Follow no one but yourself as you embark this awesome journey but glean from, listen to and enjoy all.  
Learn for yourself, be your own guru and enlighten your whole experience."

Eureka!  It was just the spark to re-ignite my flow.  All month, I had received yet not realized how the gifts that carried me through were linked and that each that help awaken the guru budding within me:

Jen - sight 
Ronnie - humility and selflessness 
Jason - support
Toni - mission and affirmation 

 Equipped with these new gifts, I moved to research, revive, and re-establish who and what I am to discover my own inner guru.  It is my responsibility to remain human and humble; to learn and to embrace. While it is important to learn from teachers, leaders, idols etc, it is our responsibility to continuously build upon our own foundations  to evolve, to establish and respect the guru that lies within us.  Education is key.  We all possess the gift of knowledge and the ability to learn; the gift to teach and the ability to share;  the gift of realization of as- is and the ability to expand beyond with the gift of of intuition and wisdom. It is important to remain to embrace humility  throughout the process for we will never know all or be all. That is not the objective of the guru.  A true guru does not ask to be such.  The meaning of the word guru is teacher, power, being, presence, counselor, and adviser.  It is a position of pure love.

Becoming a Guru

How does one become such? The answer came to me as I thought about Stacey True. Stacey has started a social media page, Confessions of A Fat Vegan  She is just beginning. She is, as she puts it, "on a mission to be completely plant-based and fit".  There is much she admits she does not know. She admits she does not know what she does not know but she is willing to learn. She is willing to publicly display her transformation and addresses questions before being asked - as she states "Yes, vegans are fat too" . I love her candor and observing as she learns, shares, and evolves. It is beautiful to witness, for example, the honesty and proud posting of a midnight snack of strawberries instead of previous choices.  I don't know if Stacey realizes it yet, but I see she is well on her way.  She is becoming a guru. With grace and brutal honesty, she is already teaching that what she has learned in six short weeks.

This past month, I also reflected upon my newly forged friendship with Dina Stewart.  Last year, she decided to follow her passion and started a year long dedication to practicing yoga every day which led to her recent certification as a yoga instructor. When she set out, she did not design herself to be  guru, yet that is exactly what she is becoming.  She has started a blog,  Love Your Life Yoga in which as she describes that "Yoga helped me to save my life, my body and my spirit."  The awakening goddess in her is now reciprocating that which was gifted,  "I am teaching yoga to share this gift with as many people as I possibly can.We pray, laugh, cry and become real on our mats."  It is soothing to feel the love, passion, and desire to give.

A picture from Dina's in progress.
Finding your inner guru

I applaud these individuals and their willingness to share, yet remain present in their moments. It inspires me to rouse the goddess within.   How about you?  What motivates the awakening of  your inner guru?  Are you still leaning or holding on to your teachers? Are you ready to let go just a little? A great teacher does not provide for one, they provide for many. Let them go. Allow them to use their gifts to help the next  student coming. It is now your turn.  Time to grow.  Time to become the example your teacher set forth for you. You now know what you know.  Use it, expand it, share it, move it, multiply it. It is okay not to be a guru on Day 1, it's okay to be afraid.  It's okay to ease into it and feel the strength it provides. Embrace it, do it, be it.  Your greatness awaits.

Yoga: Urhva Dhanurasana - Wheel Pose

Urhva Dhanurasana or Chakra Asana is the wheel pose. It is a form of a backbend which revitalizes the nervous system, improves breathing, and provides an energy boost.   It also opens the 4th chakra , Anahata - the heart center.  As you work and begin to release your inner guru, remember to do so with an open heart for all actions must come from your 
heart with lovingkindness. 

It is only then that  you will be able to embrace, emit, and evolve.  
Sat nam.


tainja said...

This is such a powerful article.. thanks for your work and inspiration always.. You are your own guru!!!!

Yoga Girl said...

Sat nam Tainja!
Thank you with humble graciousness