Monday, March 3, 2014

Be the Lighthouse

I recently reconnected with friend whom I've known for 35 years.  Although our contact has been intermittent and we've often experienced time lapses extending years of non communication, it feels as if it were just a moment ago the instant we speak again.  This is due to his intense gift of light and how he uses it.  For this reason, I, like many others, find myself drawn to him and enjoy engaging within the light he so generously shares.  Even as a young man, my friend, author Mark Aycox, possessed the gift of patience, listening, and guidance often speaking from a vantage point infused with wisdom.  To me, he represents more than just light - he is a lighthouse, one who stands quietly still in the midst of chaos, using the light from within to guide the wayward to safe harbor.  I am grateful my path has continued to be blessed with his sagacity.

One More Rep
Mark recently published his first novel, One More Rep.  He describes it as "Schwarzenegger meets Siddhartha".  It is the coming of age story of a fitness trainer faced with selecting the correct path as he directs others during the fitness craze some years ago.  Mark does not profess any allegiance to veganism however, I highlight and support his work here because he "gets it" championing the same cries as many of my vegan colleagues.  Mark's inner yogi brilliantly uses this book, under the guise of fiction (cleverly interwoven between character interactions), to introduce readers to various real-life thought provoking subjects which impact our physiological health and psychological wellness:

  • importance of regular physical movement
  • respect for our bodies (they really are our temples)
  • impact of poor nutrition
  • importance and frequency of bowel movements (yes, twice a day!)
  • detrimental affects of milk, dairy, and excessive intake of protein
  • harm of processed foods, sugary drinks and dietary supplements
  • rejection of genetically modified (GMO) foods and conglomerate corporate manipulation of fruits and vegetables (which is solely for profit-not our health)
  • the unnatural "synergistic relationship" between meat, chemical, dairy industries and political, lobbyist-laden, so-called food regulatory agencies (again, for profit only)
  • reducing technological dependency; unplugging - replacing with intelligent reading material and preservation/appreciation of the arts and literature (expand mental stimulation)
  • reducing our carbon footprint; living simplistically; get off the grid
  • importance of finding resolution and solace with the unrequited including self awareness/image/esteem
  • respect for nature, all creatures and beings 
  • learning lessons from the small things in life
  • the value of patience, quiet listening and growth
  • the importance of giving and receiving grace and guidance
Be more than the Light...

Be more than the light...
I am entertained, emotionally moved, awestruck, and proud of the work of my friend.  He has managed to use the wisdom hidden in his light for the betterment of others.  Each of us will recognize someone or a part of ourselves in one of his characters.   For some in the book, it's too late.  Yet, for each of us reading, there is still a chance... a chance for redemption, a chance to change - to realize that as we are guided, we too must guide - to recognize, use and share our gifts, our path, and our light to discover that we too, have been blessed with the ability to shine from within with rejoice, resilience, humility and servitude to guide through to smooth seas.  Use your chance to rise, use it to be more than the light...use it be the Lighthouse.

Be the Light (Mantra Mala)- Aykanna ©2012
Be the Light, be the Lighthouse
Stomp your feet and clap your hands
Lift your hearts to chant
We've got to come together

Serve your neighbor
Serve your friend,
Serve each other till the end,
Live for one another.

I am thine in mine myself, Wahe Guru
Humee Hum Tumee Tum Wahe Guru!

Yoga:  Ahimsa
Revered in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, Ahisma means love of all living things. It also means respect for all beings.  A true yogi practices ahisma and exhibits love regardless of a station, title, category, or status. Guiding lights have no judgment for they shine for all who seek.