Thursday, April 11, 2019

Toes in the Grass

I've been attending a free online engagement, the Embodied Shakti Summit  as both a presenter and a participant.  How alive I feel!    I had forgotten how enriching it can be to interact and share with a group of positive-energy based souls.    It has provided the motivation to revive Yoga Girl goes Vegan writings.   One of the most recent activities was a live on-line poetry reading session. Many of you are familiar with this blog and the Yoga Girl goes Vegan posts presented on social media platforms, what was unknown until now, is the poetry written.

Some of it is personal, some of it is expression of emotion, some of it needs to just "come out" as the words build and build wanting release into the atmosphere.    Writing poetry is something we all can do.  It doesn't have to rhyme, it doesnt' have to follow a pattern, it doesn't have to be structured, it just has to "be".   Let your inner thoughts flow out into the universe.   Share or not sharing is your choice - the activity is what is key.

Didn't think you have a voice?  You do. We all do.   We just don't always recognize nor realize it.  I've several sources of poetic inspiration.  One such soul is my aunt, author Mamie Harvin Black.   She wrote a series of poems each at different stages of her life spanning from a very young girl to her current wisdom filled maturity.   She published her experiences in her first book "Living Poetry, Poetry in Living"  several years after realizing its never too late to  release into the universe.

Despite this incredible matriarchal inspiration, I still held my poetry close to my heart, sharing only bits and pieces with those within my very private intimate circle of friends. 

The Embodied Shakti Summit inspired me to share one such poem live with others.   I'll share it with you here.  May it inspire you to return the gesture with some poetry of your own.  May your pen flow with your words of emotion, connection, and inspiration as you release your inner poet.

"Toes in the Grass"
COPYRIGHT©2018 Yoga Girl Goes Vegan

Toes in the grass
Face in the sun
Taking the time to come undone

Undone as in unwind. Unwind as in unravel.
Finding a free space to visit, to travel.
To travel with literal physicality far or near.
To travel with mind figuratively visiting those most dear.

Dear as in close to the heart. Heart as it creates a smile.
Allowing time to realize that not done in a while.
A while of brief decadence to experience the present.
A while of indulgence to grasp with great intent.

Toes in the grass
Face in the sun
Taking the time to come undone

Undone as in limitless. Limitless as in free.
Letting go of boundaries to sit, to just “be”.
To be with positive vigor, who you really are.
To be with positive splendor, to propel you far.

Far as in embracing the quiet silently. Silently as in appreciating the solitude.
Using the gift to grow boundlessly with prosperous gratitude.
A gratitude moment of solace in which to reflect and to savor.
A gratitude moment of revel in all that you love and favor.

Toes in the grass
Face in the sun
Taking the time to come undone

Undone as in silliness. Silliness as in complete folly.
Comforting, rejuvenated with laughter, wit and jolly.
To experience jolly without care nor embarrassment.
To experience jolly without fear nor discernment.

Discernment gone as judgment dissipates.
Relaxing with a clarity of knowing its never too late.
An opportunity to reconnect with your tribe.
An opportunity to reestablish your true vibe.

Toes in the grass
Face in the sun
Taking the time to come undone

Undone as in relinquish. Relinquish as in release.
Exhaling with disappearance into your personal inner peace.
To meditate with full function, minus consternation.
To meditate with full focus and with re-dedication.

Re-dedication of renewal of your purpose, of what is germane...and uniquely true.
Accepting yourself as you emerge a spanking brand new...and uniquely you.
A new you, complete, refreshed and founded.
A new you, complete, beautiful and grounded.

Leaping up, toes strong in the grass
Eyes open, face awash in the sun
Soul valuing the time undone
Refreshed and ready for what is next to come.


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Embodied Shakti Summit

Yoga Girl goes Vegan is happy to participate as one of the presenters in this year's Embodied Shakti Summit sponsored by the Womb Centered Healing Temple.

Presenters will discuss health, wellness, nutrition, transformation, yoga, motivation, reiki, and relationships.

The summit will run April 5th - 19th, 2019.

Sign up for the free online summit at

Transitioning to a plant based lifestyle will help energize your mind, body, and soul.  

Tracy of Yoga Girl goes Vegan will present how what we input affects our output and overall health.

All summit participants will receive a free copy of Yoga Girl goes Vegan's latest eBook "Getting Started - Beginner's Guide to Plant Based Lifestyle Transition" 

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