Thursday, August 18, 2011

Standing and Blooming

Confirmation always comes
from sources least expected
Recently, I was involved in an incident in which I was deeply offended by a very hateful remark disguised as a joke.  I sought and received an apology from the offender but it was not was not sincere.  Since this had occurred in a professional environment, I requested acknowledgement and documentation of the occurrence and I sought validation.  None came.  Hmmm. Perplexing.  Why must the offended be the seeker of that which should come without solicitation? The offender received a reprimand but more importantly, an opportunity for redemption and a feeling of value.  I, as the recipient had not, received any outreach nor contact, as if there were no need to also feel valued.  The process was flawed and killed any motivation to remain within the situation.

"In spite of difficulties, you must keep self confidence" - Dali Llama


After careful consideration and deep meditation, I severed ties with something I had grown to love for close to two years.  I had to take a stand for what I believed to be justice. If I had accepted the blow I was dealt and remained in the environment from whence it came, I would have allowed the negative energy to slowly eat away at my spirit.  "Rise above it" many said.  Some things can not be risen above.  Sometimes you must stand and face that which needs facing.  What a liberating feeling to stand strong, fortified within your righteousness.

As I stood, a funny thing occurred.  With gratitude, I realized that I had absolutely no malice in my heart against the offender.  How can you be angry at someone blissful in their ignorance?  Hopefully the lesson of second chances and discovering how something thought minor was actually serious enough to be escalated, would perhaps become a cold splash of reality to awaken from the err of their ways.

"If you do not stand for what you believe in,
 you will fall for anything."

Standing, I became conscious that although I had to walk away, it was time to do so. My heart and spirit were no longer there.  It was time for the body to follow.  Time for new adventure. Time not to fall.  So, as I stood, I began to rejoice at the opportunity of the freedom that comes with standing.  When you stand, you take risk, with risk comes courage, with courage, conviction and with  To walk out on faith takes belief in that which is to come whether you know what that will be or not.

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"- Anais Nin

Every Spring, new fresh flowers do this very thing.  Young stems fight their way free from the cold underground.   Reinforced by their roots, the stems begin to stand, growing tall and stronger each day.  Vulnerable and susceptible, they stand in spite of the environment, humans, animals or insects and bask in the light of the sun.  At some point, when the time is right, at the top of the stem, a bud with a seed appears.  Slowly, the bud opens and a beautiful flower emerges,it has, fresh, and beautiful.


This stand could not have happened at a better time.  I had just committed to move to 100% raw diet, experiencing an explosion of creativity to conjure up new meals, to write, to increase education, and to pursue these thrive in the blossoming of ideas.  Never doubt, as you believe in yourself, you will receive confirmation from sources you'd have never imagined.  Over the course of three days immediately following my stand, I had a soul connection with three of my sisterfriends.  Each, unbeknownst to the other and each, not knowing my situation had provided the same message.  Blossom. On the fourth day, I received the placard pictured above in the mail in the guise of an advertisement.  I had to chuckle.  Confirmation loud and clear. The time for standing is now over.  It is now time to bloom.

Yoga:  Urdhua Hastasana - 
Raised Arm Pose

The Raised Arm Pose is also called the upward salute.  It is a beginner's pose meant to align (stand) the body and is the precursor (bud/seed) to more advanced postures (bloom).  The posture resembles a blossoming flower stem.  The body is upright standing strong with extension in the arms, the head tilted up toward the sun, the hands in open lotus position, stretching in full blossom.


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