Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finding Balance

Prune Juice.  Not the commercial stuff, but the real thing, 100%, thick with pulp.  My new best friend.  Don't laugh. After you remove all of the funny connotations and jokes, prunes are actually a good source of antioxidants and iron.  Since they are high in fiber, prunes provide a natural cleanse and serve as the mechanism for stability.  When you are stable, you are grounded. When grounded, you will able to find balance.  With balance comes peace. With peace comes success.

Establishing A Base

Base: My Veggie Tuna, variation 1
Day 10...I spoke with a dear, dear friend today who'd read the beginnings of this blog and had expressed her happiness for me but admitted that, she too, had concerned reservation "for the wealth of my health".  Realizing that she spoke out of love, and out of my mutual love for her, I listened attentively to what she had to say.  Feeling confident, I allayed her fears and felt grateful for her candid feedback as a true friend.  I thought about what her acceptance meant to me: building a strong base. 

In our corporate lives, my friend was my colleague and business partner.  Our different personalities meshed and provided a ying and yang compliment to each other.  It created the balance we needed to build a strong base and to establish a great foundation.  It made  us quite successful and we soon became accomplished, award-winning, industry-recognized, change management executives.  We were sought after to speak, write, present, and foster the re-engineering of processes.  I realized that this transition was no different.  It is a new opportunity for change - a light bulb moment!  Talking with my friend had sparked and helped me to remember that I had started this process without a base, therefore setting myself up for a weak foundation and poor structure.  Reflecting over these past ten days, I pondered as to what element was strong enough to be the base that would be able to help me through potential tough days ahead.  The answer was simple.  I had to find the one dish that, without hesitation, would be the meal that would keep me grounded.   

The next question came to mind, "What is the one thing I could eat repeatedly". At midpoint of this initial month, repetition is just what I needed to solidify my objective.  How else does it become a habit?  To build a strong brick by brick structure, you need to first, by rote, lay foundation cinder block by cinder block.  A stable foundation needs a good base.   Almost immediately, the answer came to me.  It was my favorite concoction.  This dish would be the one that I could eat every day or better yet, be the one that I could use to build the foundation of my new lifestyle.   It feels good. Now that brings me back to the beginning.  A strong base is level.  A level base provides the grounding needed to find balance.  I have found my balance.  I have established my base - the veggie tuna, which reminds me of my friend, Hester:

Base: My Veggie Tuna, variation 2

  • Simple, yet made up of several, powerful components
  • Strong, providing substance, yet soft and pleasurable to the palate
  • The ying to balance the yang
  • Just the right staple to be the catalyst and base for successful change.


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