Saturday, September 11, 2010

Change Begins Today - Week 1

Day 1

This month marks the one year anniversary of seriously practicing Yoga on a daily basis.  I decided to "go the next step" to begin to write, record, and actually execute personal goals and objectives in accordance with a yogi -based lifestyle.  As with anything, it normally takes 21 days to modify the behavior.  Today is the first step towards a vegan diet.  As I am surrounded by carnivores and omnivores, having been one myself for quite some time, this challenge I think is more mental than physical.  Meat has always "weirded" me out so I think the physical will be easy to overcome.  It is the governing mental aspect which will present the opportunity to conform the physical.  


    • REDUCTION to Elimination of meat 
    • DAILY practice of Yoga
    • WEEKLY writing/recording/documenting 

I had a great first day.  I began by reading the chapter about "Launching" a course and setting off in a new direction in the book, Choose On Purpose , written by a dear friend, Susan Berg, Ph.D. I also re-read her Aug 23rd blog entry  which talks about how each of us, no matter how much we think we may be open to change, sometimes find we exhibit a little resistance; that we must realize our resistance in order to obtain the courage overcome our fears.  It will lead us to "Discovery".   Although the book focuses on helping "twentysomethings" find their career path, there are so many tools that can be applied to anything in life, thus, this "fortysomething",  Yoga Girl goes Vegan.

Exercise: 30 minutes
Yoga Practice:  40 minutes

Day 2    Satisfaction

So satisfied with yesterday.  It was a holiday filled with burgers, BBQ's, and hot dogs.  I had none and resisted the temptation to get lamb chops for the grill.  I had eight servings of veggies yesterday and five today.  I had a little tuna mixed in with wheat pasta today.  Didn't feel guilty about it until now but I should take baby steps and remember that the goal is reduction into elimination.  It is only day 2 for goodness sake.  I do tend to be my own worst enemy.

Favorite dish of the day: Sautéed veggie medley - mushrooms, onions, red peppers, string beans, and broccoli.  
Yoga Practice:  40 minutes

Day 3  "Coming Out" 

A surprisingly good day.  I am usually a "I'll try it out first and see how it works before I tell you" kind of person. Sometimes that's great, but other times, it's not...especially when you share a home with your significant other and your children.  I've always had little personal projects and they most likely view this as another one.  I decided, however, to "Come clean and come out" before hand and let them know about letting go of the meat.  I first told my husband, and then my sons.  My husband, ever supportive as always, is going along with the NO MEAT as long as I can assure him I am getting an equal amount of protein to replace what I am "taking away".  My kids, who are actually adults, are okay with it.  But I sense they are going to see if I'll stick with it because my "fads" usually last 3 to 6 months.  I feel good about telling them.   Had the leftover wheat pasta with tuna today.  No guilt this time but it didn't seem as appealing as it used to.  Six servings of fruits and veggies today!  

Favorite dish of the day: Veggie medley 2- red onions, tomatoes, garlic, chick peas, white beans, spinach.  

Yoga Practice:  30 minutes


So, so, so proud of myself to this morning! Completed a Chakra "cleansing" Yoga sequence and then felt inspired to make a wonderful sandwich on whole wheat toast, topped with tomatoes fresh from the garden.  I call it  "Veggie Tuna".  Here's what I did:
    • ground 1/2 cup of cooked chick peas (garbanzo beans)
    • added crushed red, hot pepper flakes
    • added sea salt & black pepper to taste
    • 1 teaspoon reduced salt/fat mayo-style salad dressing
Yummy, yummy, yummy!  Feeling ready for the day.  This seems to be getting easier instead of harder.  I finished the meal off with a side of cooked spinach.  I felt energized and FULL all day.  No hunger or desire to snack.   

I guess the tuna in my wheat pasta did bother me.  

Favorite dish of the day: with a smile, see above
Exercise: 30 minutes
Yoga Practice:  50 minutes

Day 5   Getting Support

Woke up a little sluggish but feeling satisfied.  I think opening the chakras yesterday wore me out.  But, when I logged on, the first thing I read was a post by one of my yogi heroes, Kathryn Budig , which was so appropriate and as if she were speaking directly to me:  "Open yourself to grace and trust that all is in the right place."  Right on sister.  Thank you Kathryn!!!  I stopped focusing on feeling tired and allowed my body to accept what is, as is and to slow down.  As with anything, I am sure there will continue to be time to adjust and to re-align the mind, body, mind, and spirit along the same path.  Made a veggie burger today.  I used a little too much corn meal but I know now, where to make adjustment.  The recipes are just "popping" head as I experiment with different things.  I feel grateful and blessed. It is a gift that has come.  Om Shanti! Namaste.

My husband prepared fish for dinner.  I ate it and it tasted good.  Interesting revelation.  Mentally, I did not prepare it; therefore, physically, I was able eat it without thought.  Hmmm.  Is this the next thing to accomplish? As in Choose on Purpose suggests, during your "launch" phase, you need a mentor to guide you along the way.   I reached out to a friend who has been vegan for over 20 years.  She provided great support and reminded me that it's only the beginning!!! Thus I recall once more that "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  I've already taken 5!
Favorite dish of the day: Veggie burger (made with ground chick peas, mushrooms, onions, garlic, red & green pepper, corn meal)  
Exercise: 30 minutes
Yoga Practice:  30 minutes

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