Thursday, August 1, 2013

Raw Inspiration

RAWGUST (Raw + August) is here.  It's one of my favorite times of the year.  This year marks the third Rawgust anniversary for me.  As I reflect, I am grateful for growth.  While I still have much to learn, I've begun the transitional journey from student to teacher in such a short period of time.

Paying it Forward
In my initial post, Ready for Rawgust, I spoke about creativity and personal commitment.  This year, my focus is to teach, guide and inspire as many as I can.  I've been fortunate to study under those who have inspired me, whom I now consider friends.  What each of these individuals has done is to pay it forward - giving in order to give, reaching in order to reach, sharing in order to share, teaching in order to teach.

Rawgust for me this year is all about spreading inspiration  - to be a source in the same manner as those who have inspired me, to give as freely as I have received.  This year, instead of just participating, I am set to inspire with raw determination, to lead by example, to help.   I've decided to co-coach a juice cleanse and to offer free, compassionate support to anyone who wishes to replace at least one meal per day with fruit and vegetable alternatives, and to provide physical health awareness and suggestions.  With good fortunate, I do so with the assistance of a few wonderful souls who, daily, seek to positively awaken "the being within" by evoking the simplistic enormity of their hearts with humility, grace, peace and love. These kind earthlings inspire as they offer their tremendous light to all they encounter.  I am grateful for their selflessness.

Not A Gimick
Rawgust is not a gimicky play on words.  It's an opportunity to introduce the concept of incorporating and increasing whole, live foods back into daily meals.  As stated previously, it takes twenty-one days to effect change.  The true spotlight of Rawgust  provides the platform for the time needed to jump start the behavior modification process.  Rawgust is not designed to force "conversion".  It's purpose is to educate. It's more of  "try it, you will like it".  Those who try will be able to compare the differences in their lives, measure the increase in energy, the improvement in health, the overall feeling of well-being, and in some instances, the loss of weight.

Rawgust is a tool to inform and to expand knowledge bases.   If a few individual life-time converts develop along the way,  awesome!

However...if just a few people, made a few changes, for a few days, then celebration of the first step should be championed with the same zealousness for it sometimes takes more courage to take first step than to dive straight in, especially if one has had a previous negative experience with other "first steps".   First steps take conscious thought, much different from the impulsive, impromptu nature of diving in.

Try It Out

Try it out.  Join Rawgust.  Seek assistance, put together a collaborative, realistic plan - it can be as simple as replacement of an order of chips with a piece of fruit 3 days per week or a two-day juice fast jump start.  Rawgust is not just for August,  it can be anytime. Regardless of when, Rawgust is for you, Rawgust is for me, Rawgust is for everyone.


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