Monday, October 29, 2012

Being Super

I apologize.  I've been away for the past two months. I've been busy....busy taking on a full time project directing a group of health and wellness representatives.  It has been hard, work, the hardest I've worked in recent years.  I love it though.  I feel as if the 12 to 16 hour workdays will be worth it, that the reward shall be realized through the positive results of those involved, to know that I am physically making a difference.  Two weeks ago, after a  particularly long, arduous yet successful task, my colleague commented that she felt as if the two of us were standing strong, each side by side with a huge "S" on our chests, capes flying in the wind....that we were incredible, that we were.... "super".

Super, Fit, and Vegan?

Jeff Sekerak,  Super, Fit, and Vegan
Wow. Super. The statement was true.  We had worked hard and tirelessly because we believed in that in which we were engaged.  As with everything in my recent life, I immediately applied the thought to my vegan path. How does the act of being super apply?  Is there such a thing as a Super Vegan?  When it comes to coaches, activism, cooking, nutrition, and education, many can think or name several super vegans.  However, when it comes to the image of a vegan super man or super woman, not too many come to mind.  That is due to the common misconception that vegans are scrawny and very thin in physique.  There are many however, who proudly promote to the contrary.  Along this journey, I've met many strong vegans who exhibit physical strength and fitness.  Once such being is my friend, Jeff Sekerak, the Superfit Vegan.  Jeff who daily runs several miles, practices yoga, completes intense workouts, and is the epitome, of fitness states there are: 

5 Proven Keys to being Super Fit for Life:
  1. Eat a 100% plant based diet (with emphasis on raw fruits and greens)
  2. 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted calisthenics per day
  3. Fast walk, bike or run everywhere you go
  4. Aspire to greatness in all you do (cultivate true friendships, stand for something)
  5. Enjoy silence (turn off the television)
Jeff practices what he preaches.  He, along with his partner, Megan, are committed to:

Belief in these things are evident in the countless posts, pictures, books, and videos he generates. There is a  sweet, genuine aura about Jeff, who has now begun to spread his message internationally as he travels around the world.  He takes each of us along for the journey as he selflessly sends daily posts of positivity from where ever he has roamed that day, promoting that we all can be the best that we can be, as strong as we can be, and as super as we can be. His super-human approach to body weight exercises have transformed me into a strong, lean, vegan, machine.  Many often marvel at how I can be as slender as I am yet exhibit the strength that I have. Through Jeff's numerous videos, I have learned how to workout smart, hard and simple.  I am grateful to know this super being with a super humble soul.

su-per (soo.per) adjective  
of the highest degree or power; first-rate; excellent

More than just physical.....

Being super is also more than just physical.  It is tapping into your personal source of power to become the best that you can be in all that you do.  Innately, we all possess the ability to excel, to utilize our power.  What is it for you?  What makes you super?  The discovery can be just as amazing as the very gift itself.  Last evening, I spoke with my aunt. The conversation reminded me that while growing up, she was always my example of superwoman.  She was strong, smart, beautiful, creative, sophisticated, independent, and successful.  As I watched her from afar, I wanted to be just like her.  I wanted to look like her, dress like her, act like her.  I wanted to be...her.  It took years to realize that as much as I wanted to be, I could not be my aunt.  I had to  The realization that a superwoman was lying dormant within me was phenomenal and awakening. Now that I have brought life to my own super being, my aunt, as I spoke with her, told me she thought that I was strong, smart, beautiful, creative, sophisticated, independent, and successful.

How ironic.  The entire time I focused upon her, she focused upon me.  We both saw and marveled at  the same thing within each other at the same time not realizing that we were looking at ourselves.  Are you missing the picture of the truth of your nature?  Are you overlooking the super entity that lies within you?  I challenge you .   It is more than just physical. When you are super, you can be a writer, baker, candlestick maker.  It doesn't matter as long as what ever it is, it is that which awakens you to fulfill your purpose.  Awaken to the being within.  Awaken to your superness, put on your cape, and allow it to flow confidently in the wind.

Yoga:  Tadasana -Mountain Pose 

Tadasana is often used in grounding.  However, this quote says it all:

"Mountain pose is an affirmation.  You can conquer anything 
with your natural boldness and resolute strength"  ~Terri Guillemets


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