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Essence, by definition is the basic, real, invariable inward nature, substance or constitution of any "thing". In elementary terms, it means, what are you made of?  The more I learn about living clean, the more I pondered the word "essence" and its meaning which has led to an increased desire to continue learning.  When I started this journey, my intention all along has been to live with a clean mind, body and soul.  I now am at the place where I ponder what is my essence, what am I made of?  This has become a walk not just about eating.

All the Way
It is now about going all the way.  It is about discovering who and what you are and finding balance within.  I have found true balance through yoga, meditation, and veganism.  It swirls within me:
My Essence and formula for success. What is yours?                

Yoga.........body & mind
Meditation........mind soul
Veganism...................soul & body

I have found my essence which feeds my mind and soul and ultimately my body.  It is my formula for success.    It is my grounding and a happy cycle that overlaps each continuously as I work steadily towards going all the way. Looking at the word essence again, I found it also has a second meaning:  a substance obtained from a plant.  Ah-ha!  That is the answer I was seeking.  In order to go all the way, the logical next step is to begin looking, from a plant-based perspective, not only at what put in my body,  but also about what I put on it and what it is surrounded by.

After my ah-ha moment, I began researching natural, plant-based alternatives for everyday products such as toothpaste, deordorant, soaps, detergents, and remedies.  Within two weeks of this decision, an opportunity to conduct a product review for a natural, raw vegan company flowed across my path.  I found this to be no accident.  I had previously received solicitation to look a products that did not align with my objectives and I had respectfully turned each down.  This time was different.  The facilitator did not contact me directly.  She made a simple, humble request available to anyone who wished to participate freely.  This time, with no prior knowledge of her products, I felt an urging to try it out.  As I began to research the company she represented, everything began to align.  Once I spoke with her,  Lacey Swartz, I found a sincerity in her desire to provide natural products for her family which led her to become a representative for the company Miessence

I discovered that the company Miessence (pronounced "my-essence") proudly touts itself as the "world's first certified 100% organic company with products ranging from skin, hair, body, nutritional, and cosmetic  products."  It's logo is the "heart-shaped leaf of the bodhi tree, symbolizing wisdom, unity, prosperity and longevity".  This information felt good.  I felt comfortable to delve a little further.

Trying it Out
Of the choices, I  immediately decided try out the Deep Green Alkalising Superfood because it is a 100% raw, vegan, certified organic and an alkalizing product. Alkalization of the body fights dis-ease and wards off illness from a cellular level.  This product turned out to be my favorite of the two I tried.  I am sure my love of dark green leafy vegetables biased this opinion.  The product is as its name suggests - it is a deep rich green powder comprised of 12 ingredients including blue-green algae (spirulina), spinach, kale, and parsley.  The powder can be used by the teaspoon to make super juice or smoothie as well as a "seasoning" to boost dishes.
I first used it with a kale juice, adding one teaspoon.  The powder thickened the juice yet its earthy taste softened the strong flavor of the kale.  I found it to be tasty.  Lacey provided a cleansing recipe in which you juice 1 lemon and add 3 teaspoons of Deep Green to 4 cups (or 1 liter) of water three times per day for three days.
* Ideal for those who do not eat deep green leafy vegetables
* Algae is a source of B12  and iron
* Has sources of Vitamin E, K, and beta-carotene
* Product is versatile, can be used in many ways 
* Contains grasses including oat and wheat
* Price is a little costly, however, see it as an investment
* Be aware that this is a supplement, not meal replacement

This aside, I recommend the product.  For those interested in the grass aspect, the company states that they use "only grass juice powders, not the pulverized grass powders that are completely useless for humans!"  Just making a quick juice is ideal for those who find it difficult to eat at least 5-7 servings of vegetables per day on a regular basis.  I also used the product to make a salad dressing (1 teaspoon Deep Green, 1 pureed zucchini and 1 pureed cucumber) and a tasty dish consisting of  1 cup shredded carrots or pulp, 1 diced avocado.

The other product I sampled was the Berry Radical Antioxidant Superfood.  Initially, I was a little skeptical after I immediately noticed it contained raw cacao.  While true raw cacao
can be consumed on a raw vegan diet, generally is not found in its true state.  Most companies which claim naturalness usually offer a processed version.  Lacey checked with the Miessence creator to confirm the true 100% raw vegan nature of the cacao used in this product.  So, with that in mind, I tried it on faith of her word.  I made a chocolate mousse and ice cream.  It was delicious!

Mousse                                  Ice Cream                
3 plantains                             6 bananas                
2 bananas                              2 teaspoons Berry Radical
3 tsp Berry Radicals              1/4 cup pureed strawberries
For each:  Freeze bananas and plaintains overnight.  In a food processor or blender, whip bananas and plantains.  Mix in additional ingredients according to recipe.  For Ice Cream: serve immediately;  For Mousse:  prior to serving, let sit 20 - 30 minutes allowing it to thicken to "mousse" consistency cording to recipe.  
* includes superfoods such as pomegranate, acai, goji, and blueberries
* antioxidants neutralize free radicals which damage cells
* raw cacao
* coffee fruit (fruit of coffee plant which in raw form has potential to go rancid)

The cons are more of a personal taste and objective as these are things I do not normally consume.  That aside, I found the overall taste of the product to be more "chocolate" than "berry" which makes it, in my opinion, more feasible to use or blend into dessert recipes or smoothies.

Next Steps
This exercise has rewardingly reinforced my path. I am excited to discover who I am by trying new things. I have found that there are products, companies, and organizations which strive to feel, see, and just "are" the way I "am".  I started with internal consumption.  These next steps, however, will facilitate going all the way with external products as well. In time, and through research,  I will continue to meet more and more Laceys* of the world.  As I evolve, I work grounded with confidence, knowing what I'm about is in tune, with my essence.  For this, I am grateful.  Namaste.

* If you have questions or are interested in more information regarding Miessence products, please contact:   
                    Lacey Swartz
                    Independent Representative, Miessence

Yoga - Muladhara,  Root Chakra

Janu Sirsasana (head to knee) pose
one of many to open the Mulahara
The Muladhara is the base, first,  or root of the seven chakras recognized in the western world.  This chakra sits at the base of the spine and is the root of the physical body. It houses personal energy.  According to, the muladhara "bestows breath and mind control, knowledge of the past, present and future." Practicing poses which open the Muladhara will stimulate alignment of body, mind and soul facilitating grounding, stability, and security which provides the ability to go all the way.  It represents awakening and essence. 

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