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Breaking Fast

Day 126
I just completed the Drew McCall Burke's, 5-Day Sexy Vegan Juicy Fast©.  As you recall, I failed at my first attempt, lasting only 2 days  (go to: Yoga Girl goes Vegan-Rescuing Failure).  This time, however, I properly prepared myself. I am overwhelmed with an amazing feeling of accomplishment and achievement. The first three days went well.although the mind over matter had to kick in during the final two days - despite not feeling hungry, I felt the urge to eat solids .  Had a little set back on the last day.  I needed Bok Choy or Asian Cabbage for one of the recipes.  My local farmer's market was all out. My local grocery store had one thin bunch that was browning with prices that were 3 times the farmer's market.  I traveled out of my way to a favorite East Indian/Asian market without success. Having done so well up to this point, could I let this be considered a failure?  Absolutely not!  I had all of the ingredients except this one item.

Don't sweat the small stuff - Substitution Soup:
same purpose, just as good 
So, what did I do?  I substituted, making the most delicious "soup" ever.  What was more important was that I maintained and endured noting I never felt so "light" before.  Equally significant was the feeling of euphoria and support from the other vegan participants - I've made so many new acquaintances.  Finally, each fasting day began with one of the following:  meditation, chakra cleansing exercise, or yoga practice.  There was even an enema included.  Yes enema.  (more on that later...)

Towards the end of the fast, as I enjoyed my substitute soup,  I admit a slight melancholy fell over me as I realized it  would all be over soon.  I quickly got that negative thought out of my head.  What a success. I've cleansed and easily lost at least 7lbs perhaps more. I haven't weighed but can tell by the fit of my clothing.   My "skinny jeans" are baggy and saggy! With this in mind, I began to ponder Day 6  - the day after.

Next Steps

What would I eat for breakfast?  I wanted to break my fast with something special but I was afraid to eat anything too heavy or make myself ill.   Drew (my vegan coach & mentor)  suggested to eat non-processed, light vegetable broth and have smoothies!  After juicing, the last thing I wanted was broth but I also did not want to defeat the purpose of the fast.  Somehow the thought of eating something cooked just didn't appeal to me.  I decided eat a raw meal.  The final night of the fast, as I drank my final juice,  I prepared a raw oatmeal patty for "break/fast".  That morning, I made a raw smoothie to accompany it:

Raw Oat Patty
2 apples or 2 bananas (your choice)
2 cups raw organic oatmeal

Mash, whip or beat fruit & cinnamon until smooth. Add oatmeal.  Mix well incorporating all of the whipped fruit.  Roll a ball and flatten into a thick patty.  Refrigerate, allowing the patty to "sit" or "form" into shape for at least 30 min.  (this apple-based patty "sat" refrigerated overnight)       Optional:  add nuts, dates, or raisins 

Chocolate Smoothy
3 ripe bananas
2 tsp raw cocaco (or organic cocoa powder)
4 medium slices fresh coconut
6-8 ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in a blender until "smooth"

What a satisfying meal!  For one it felt "right" eating raw after consuming all raw for almost one week.  Secondly, I felt more stable eating a raw meal.  It was delicious.  The sensation was weird.  Funny how your mind changes towards your body in only a short period of time.  I ate slowly and followed up the meal with two glasses of water.  Within 20 minutes, my body reacted. It "knew" things had changed.  I felt full immediately. I could literally hear and feel the digestion going on in my intestines.  Wow!  During the fast, after the initial internal void, there was no need for such as all of the solids were gone from my system.  At this point, with this reaction to something raw, I am not ready to eat anything cooked anytime soon.


In case you haven't noticed, I changed the banner picture.  It's a wonderful picture  found while browsing the Internet.  It captures just where I am now.  The initial picture represented the balancing the choice between consumption of meat versus veggies.  It was appropriate for its time.  I am however, not the same person I was just 4 months ago.  I have evolved. (see: Yoga Girl goes Vegan - Evolution).  I find myself increasingly attracted to eating raw.  I've met some awesome raw foodists.  Their recipes are amazing. One in particular is Jo Ann Hazelhurst.  She is a raw food coach.  Her site, has great tips and recipes.   By the way, she's also known as Vegan Girl goes Yoga (our realm gets closer each day!)   This is an entirely new opportunity.  With still a lot to learn about heat-prepared vegan dishes, I'm considering what "not cooking" will do.  I'm going to take it slowly but  I'm ready increase raw food consumption.

I like this picture because it encompasses where I am today.  Kudos to the unknown artist!  This picture is green, fluid, feels "leafy; veggie", and in the center, it is anchored by OM, the sacred sound of life and the basis of harmonic yoga practice. Today, it represents raw.  I enjoyed the energy the raw food and juices gave me.  The tastes are more vibrant and flavorful.


The other advantage of juice fast is to cleanse.  I found a wonderful white paper written by Kelly Grimes (link: Fasting: Body Cleansing or Body Starving). Although she concludes that fasting is not for her and details the cons of fasting, she does describe the physical benefits of fasting for someone without compromised health.  She states:

"During fasting, the body is able to clean out its system because it is not expending energy towards the digestive organs. The blood and lymph are detoxified. When fasting, the release of toxins from the colon, kidneys, bladder, lungs, sinuses, and skin clears out complications that have arisen from a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle."

Which leads to the enema  mentioned above.  Sometime between day 3 and 4 an enema was an optional recommendation suggested by Coach Drew.  With memories from childhood, I thought "Sheesh! Who wants to do that?"  She explained however, that while fasting, "you have been cleaning up your entire celluar complex but down in the colon sits old waste that needs to be cleared away. An enema encourages the release of toxic bile."  Okay.  that settled it.  I had to do it.  It made sense.  A total body cleanse was the objective.  Organic green tea or organic cider vinegar added to warm filtered water is the perfect solution.  It went surprisingly  well and did eliminate residual matter. Feeling totally cleansed inside and out, I felt re-energized !  It was the boost needed to complete the fast.

At the end of 5 days, at the beginning of month 5, at the start of the year, with a new banner picture, I am successfully  juiced, cleansed, ready for raw, and vegan.  


Yoga Pose:  Spinal Twist & Sage Pose

For internal cleansing, these poses help 
massage the internal organs, 
loosen built-up waste and 
encourage purging of toxins

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